The Road to Opening our Prince Edward County Spa

Bloomfield Beauty Co.

We are two sisters from a family of women who start hundreds of conversations a year with “I have a good idea.” We have certainly inherited the trait of dreaming up new ventures on a daily basis, but the one of a luxury day spa in Prince Edward County kept creeping back into our minds. It was Mother’s Day this past year when we finally sat down and put pen to paper. Three weeks later, we bought a stunning house in Bloomfield, Ontario and we’ve barely slept since.

Early on, we made the decision to open our spa in the winter of 2018. We thought that would give us a good amount of time to renovate our new building into the space we were dreaming of, purchase the beautiful skincare lines we were obsessing over, and find an amazing group of staff. Though time has never seemed to move so quickly, here we are, just days from this dream.

Due to the somewhat spontaneous house purchase, our vision for the spa has evolved rather organically over the last seven months – there are only so many solidified plans one can make when you’ve seen a building for a total of 20 minutes. We listened to our friends, family, and newfound neighbours as they relayed their favourite spa experiences, and begged us hire an RMT and keep the café open to the public. Every decision came down to whether we agreed (which isn’t always easy for sisters), though we’ve never wavered from our dream of creating a gorgeous space for both all-natural and medical spa services that make our guests feel relaxed, beautiful, and comfortable in their own skin.

If you walked through the spa today, your eyes would widen as we told you that we plan to open this Friday. It is currently a total disaster. There is dust in every crevice, unpainted walls, stairs with exposed glue, doors with no handles. But it is a completely different space than it was when we were handed the keys ten weeks ago, and we are oh so close.

On Friday, January 5th, we will open our doors for our first weekend and welcome our friends and family to Bloomfield Beauty Co. It is, after all, our friends and family who have helped us the most throughout these months. They will also forgive us when we screw things up on day one :)

We couldn’t possibly announce our opening without naming those who have gone above and beyond with their advice, hard work, and emotional support. First off, we must thank our father, Darryl, who has been tirelessly helping us since we came up with this whole idea and has always been the calmest person for us to turn to in the face of renovation mishaps (there were a lot). We must, of course, thank our phenomenal partners Anthony and Dean, and our children Gwyneth, Oliver, Bree, and Reese, for not only helping out at the spa every weekend, but for forgiving our late nights and distracted minds these last few months.

There are many more. Our parents Mary, Connie, Garney, Sharon, and Val, our father’s best friends Randy, Kerry, Mark, and Frank, and our friends Nat, Nicole, Mike, Cam, Caitlin, Martha, Travis, Gwen, Jake, Holly, and Kenny. Our incredible lawyer Joseph Sgro, our interior designer Rebecca White Lavender, our consultants Laura Brisson, Christine McGeachy, Laura Forbes, Matt Day, and Jeff Moran. Our contractor Bob Emmons, his incredibly understanding partner Claire, and awesome parents Jim and Cindy. Our realtors Tony Scott & Joseph Day, our new neighbour Tania, our watering hole Midtown Brewing Company, the staff at every possible home/reno store known to man, and our own very understanding new staff.

There is no way in hell that we could have pulled this off without any of you. Thank you.

We are absolutely thrilled to be opening these doors to the people of Prince Edward County, and those who love it, on January 12th. We can’t wait to meet you.

Emma & Annie

Emma Woodman