So Maybe I Like Ice Storms

Bloomfield Beauty Co-Salon-0049.jpg

I have some pretty fond memories of Ice Storm '98. Our high school shut down and our power went out but we had a fireplace, so our extended family moved in and we cooked grilled cheese on the top of the wood stove and played an never-ending game of hide-and-seek with our cousins. Ice storms are awesome when you're 15; you're supposed to hate them when you're 35. 

Partly due to my negligence with all-things-weather, I felt pretty optimistic about keeping the spa open all weekend. But then Sunday happened, and we thought it best to keep our staff and clients off the road and reschedule the remaining few appointments. There I was, stranded in a spa all by myself...could it be a dream come true?

After cranking the heat (just incase of a power outage), eating nearly an entire cake (I didn't exactly prepare for the apocalypse), and putting on a face mask (obviously), I cozied up on the couch to rebuild the Bloomfield Beauty Co. website. 

The photos from our day with Chelsey Sisson of With Love and Wild made the redesign pretty easy - her work is always incredible. But I was also excited to finally build in some key additions, like a group reservation form for anyone who wants to book simultaneous appointments or private parties, an updated list of Eminence Organic facials, and a page for upcoming events at the spa.

It might have something to do with Prince Harry, but we're pretty excited about our plans for the Royal Wedding event that we've been dreaming up with Kristina of Minim Designs. We are teaming up to create a beautiful morning celebration at Bloomfield Beauty Co. on May 19th - complete with spa services, flower crowns, champagne, portraits by Jenny Thompson Photography, and high tea catered by Erin DeMille of Royal Sugar Baking. You don't even have to love the royals to want to be in on the extremely girly fun we're going to have. 

Another quiet day on Monday gave us an opportunity to meet with Alex from Angéline's Inn and Ashley from Seedlings (Bloomfield's incredible new restaurant) to build a morning-in-Bloomfield package for our guests. This one is still in the works, but we are very excited about partnering with these two to create a unique experience that shows off this lovely town.

Last but not least, Ice Storm '18 meant that we got to spend lots of time with our hilarious neighbour, Sarah (who also happens to produce our café's delicious espresso). One of our many weekend adventures together inspired us to design an interactive facial party for up to eight people, where you can learn about the products, tailor them to your skin concerns, and hang out with your girlfriends (all with a glass of wine in hand). We're aiming to host our first one on Thursday, May 17th to ring in the long weekend, so check it out if you're interested in joining!

When the rain finally stopped and it was time to drive home to Kingston, I realized that the ice storm had kind of turned into a cake-filled retreat, and it was no less a fun experience than the one I'd experienced at 15. Nonetheless, the lasting effect of an April winter on me is the same as everyone else's - I couldn't be more excited for the spring ahead.