Cardea AuSet NOIRE Charcoal Mask

Cardea AuSet NOIRE Charcoal Mask


This blend of mineral-rich bentonite clay and pure activated charcoal powder has absorbing properties that extract toxins from the skin’s surface and pores, leaving it cleansed and purified. NOIRE was created to be customizable – use your preferred liquid to turn it from powder to mask: distilled or mineral water, honey, or green tea, for example, and (if you please) a few drops of your favourite essential oil to make it your own.

2 oz | 56 g

Usage: mix 1 tsp of NOIRE with 1 tsp water or honey. apply to skin. let sit for 10 minutes. rinse skin. moisturize. (optional: mist face with ROSA before moisturizing)

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